Booking Conditions

Booking conditions
Accuracy and Information

Golf Holidays America has taken all care to ensure published information and prices are accurate however if we identify an error or omission following publication, we will inform you before confirming your booking.

The revised information will then form part of your contract. If an error or omission is discovered after your booking is made, we will always try to advise you prior to your holiday.

Payment Terms

A deposit of £50 must be paid at the time of booking to secure a booking. We may also be required to ask for additional deposit amount for certain bookings where we need to pre-pay an additional sum to secure your booking.

The balance of your booking must be paid no later than 6 weeks before the date your contracted break is due to commence. We will send you a reminder 8 weeks before.

Bookings made less than 6 weeks before your date of arrival must be paid in full at the time of booking. If the balance is not paid by the due date, we reserve the right to cancel your booking and retain your deposit.


Golf Holidays America accepts the following forms of payment… 

Payment online direct to our bank account in which case we will send you the necessary information.

By Paypal, subject to a 2% surcharge.

As a last resort we will accept personal or company cheques made payable to “” which is our original trading name and the name on our bank account.


We provide quotations in US Dollars due to the variations in the exchange rate. The final amount due will be converted to Sterling at the travel rate published on the BBC website on the day the balance due reminder is sent.

Please check the confirmation carefully to make sure that all your booking details are all correct. Contact us if your confirmation appears to be incorrect or incomplete and we will endeavour to make the necessary changes.

Golf Holidays America reserves the right to make changes to and correct errors after bookings have been confirmed.

Dress Code

We cannot accept any responsibility in any ruling by a hotel or golf course if you or any of your group is unable to play due to inappropriate attire. You therefore need to check before you travel that your group is aware of appropriate golfing attire. The dress code is fairly relaxed in the US but certain upscale courses do require proper golf attire.

Standard Of Play / Golf Etiquette

Knowledge of golf etiquette and the rules of golf are expected by all members of your group. None of the courses will ask to see handicap certificates before accepting visitors.


Golf courses reserve the right to alter confirmed tee times. However this will be very rare. We are normally aware beforehand of when courses will be scheduling aerifying and this is virtually the only reason that changes to confirmed tee times may be made.

If your confirmed golf club cancel your reservation or change your tee time we will try to find a suitable alternative. You will be charged or refunded for any difference in the original cost. Such changes do not entitle you to cancel a holiday that is part of a package.

Please also be aware that some golf courses may pair you up with other golfers.

Condition Of Golf Courses

The condition of golf courses varies throughout the year. On the whole a consistently high standard is maintained but you need to be aware that courses get more wear then normal in peak golf seasons, mid March to mid May and October.

General golf course maintenance on tee boxes, fairways and greens are an essential feature of golf course preparation and Golf Holidays America cannot be held responsible for the impact of such work. Some golf courses are surrounded by housing and building work may be ongoing. We generally know when this is the case and will pre-warn you. However we cannot be held responsible for any interference or inconvenience experienced and if we were not aware of the building work.

Our Descriptions

The descriptions of the hotels and golf courses and other aspects of the holidays are based on opinions gained on site visits and on the opinions of hotels themselves. We are not always able to exercise control over all the components of the holiday arrangements and it is possible that an advertised amenity may be withdrawn or changed due to various reasons such as water conservation, renovation work, etc. We will advise you if we become aware of a major change but we cannot accept liability for loss, damage or inconvenience in such circumstances. Nor can we accept responsibility if we are unaware that amenities are withdrawn or changed.


Throughout your booking with Golf Holidays America you accept full liability for any damage or loss caused by you or any member of your group.

Cancellations / Amendments

It is possible for you to change numbers or cancel your holiday at any time provided that the person who originally booked the holiday sends us written notice by letter or email.

Cancellations after the deposit has been paid to Golf Holidays America will result in loss of all deposit monies paid. Cancellations made after final balance has been paid to Golf Holidays America will result in loss of monies paid equivalent to the loss Golf Holidays America would incur. Please bear in mind though that initial representations for reimbursement should be made to your insurance company.

Meet & Greet At Myrtle Beach Airport

If you have paid for this service it comes with certain responsibilities on your part to make it work.

You must let us know about any changes to your flight schedule arriving at Myrtle Beach so we can inform our Myrtle Beach representitive.

If you experience delays enroute and will not be at Myrtle Beach airport at the time you have told us you must telephone the contact number we give you. Our representitive needs to know when you are arriving.

The service you pay for only includes being met at the airport. Should there be other problems, such as non arrival of baggage you must deal with the appropriate official and not contact our representitive who met you. He is not paid to undertake any additional duties.


We will provide you with vouchers for accommodation, golf and vehicle hire. These confirm that you have prepaid for and are entitled to all these services. It is your responsibilty to produce the voucher at the car hire desk and accommodation on arrival, and at each golf course for each round. 

Our suppliers will only provide what is shown on the voucher so you need to check them carefully on receipt.


Some accommodations include breakfast and others give us the option of offering accommodation to include or exclude it. Your invoice indicates whether breakfast is included and this will appear on the voucher. Golf Holidays America is not responsible for the cost of breakfasts not included and prepaid in the booking.

Price Changes

In the unlikely event that there be any increase in the cost to us, we will only absorb 5% of the change. You will be required to meet any increase between 5% and 10%. If we have to increase the price of your holiday by more than 10%, you will have the option of continuing with the holiday arrangements and meeting the extra costs (above 5%) or of cancelling with a refund of any money you have paid to us, except any charges you have incurred for amendments. If you decide to cancel the holiday, you must do so within seven working days of the issue of the revised confirmation of booking invoice. If there should be any decrease in cost to us by more than 5% then we will refund the difference.

Passports & Visas

All passengers entering the USA from the UK now require a MRP, Machine Readable Passport. It is a pre travel requirement that each person has completed the ESTA, Electronic System for Travel Authorization, application on line at It is also a requirement for entry into the US that each traveller provides the immigration official an address where he will be staying. It is therefore important that each member of your party has this information especially if they are arriving in the US at a different time. For more information consult the Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

Golf Holidays America accepts no responsibility for visa requirements or the consequences of not having completed the proper paperwork necessary for entry into the US or of having no knowledge of the accommodation address. We advise all individuals booking holidays to inform all members of their party of immigration requirements to ensure that the requisite documents are in place prior to travel.

Travel & Golf Insurance

Golf Holidays America strongly recommends you take out golf travel insurance. We will not be responsible for any outcome of travelling without adequate travel insurance. Some insurance companies may consider the game of golf as a dangerous sport and you should mention your participation when obtaining a quotation. You should also ensure that your golf equipment is covered in the policy.

Weather Conditions During Your Golf Holiday

Bad weather is unavoidable during the course of the year and as a result golf courses may either close or the golf course will operate temporary tees and greens at their sole discretion. 

A raincheck policy is in place at each golf course. If you are unable to start your round on time they will hold you at the clubhouse and usually get everyone off as soon as possible using a shotgun start.

Should you start your round but play less than 9 holes you will be given a raincheck voucher for 9 holes valid for 12 months.

If you do not start at all you will be given raincheck voucher for 18 holes valid for 12 months.

Usually alternative tee times can be offered at the time the voucher is handed over. However, if you have no spare days and you are not planning to return within the 12 months limit of the voucher Golf Holidays America is unable to refund the golf costs.

Special Requests And Medical Problems

If you have any special requests, you must advise us at the time of booking. Although we will endeavour to meet any such requests we regret we cannot guarantee to do so.


Golf Holidays America acts as an agent for each hotel. If you have a complaint or experience any problems during your holiday please inform the hotel immediately during your holiday by speaking to the Hotel General Manager direct. If you do not reach an acceptable conclusion during your holiday please notify us in writing by letter or email within 7 days of your date of return. We will not deal with complaints over the telephone. The mailing address is …

Mike Down
Golf Holidays America
Monument View
CA9 3 HX


If you have any complaints concerning any services we provide you must inform us in writing by letter or email within 7 days of your date of return.
Any assistance provided in resolving a complaint in relation to any resort booking is provided on a goodwill basis and in our capacity as an agent.
If you have a complaint concerning any services we provide, as opposed to any service provided by any third party such as a hotel for whom we are not responsible, you must inform us immediately in writing within 7 days of your departure date. We cannot accept any liability if we are not so notified. Our maximum liability to you if we are found to have been at fault in relation to any service we provide is limited to the commission we have earned or are due to earn in relation to the booking in question.

Third Party Liabilities

In the event that your booking with Golf Holidays America involves the use of services from a third party then the liability associated with your booking will be based on the value of the pre-payment made to a third party as part of the booking in order to confirm these services.


Please note that all extra’s consumed on site such as food, drink, entertainment, spa treatments and transport must be paid for by you on checkout. Your booking with Golf Holidays America only includes the package set out in your confirmation email and invoice. We accept no liability for any charges you incur on site in relation to any extras outside of your package. 
You should be aware that contrary to the norm with European hotels and the majority of US accommodations housekeeping may not be included for villas attached to hotels. Housekeeping can be provided at an additional charge for each day of your stay or on some other basis. You will be informed at the time of booking if housekeeping is only available at your accommodation by paying an extra amount and  if you require it this the additional cost will be included in your invoice. You can arrange your own terms for housekeeping on arrival at the accommodation and make payment to them on departure. Golf Holidays America is not liable for any housekeeping charges not previously arranged and paid for.

Changes And Cancellations By Us

Golf Holidays America reserves the right to make changes to and correct errors on our website and in our brochure both before and after bookings have been confirmed.

Force Majeure

Golf Holidays America will not be liable for additional expenses incurred through travel delay, Acts of God, force majeure or events beyond our control. Force majeure is unusual and unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control such as war or threat of war, riots, civil unrest, terrorist activity, industrial disputes, natural or nuclear disaster, fire or adverse weather conditions.

Our Responsibility

Golf Holidays America will endeavour to ensure that all parts of the holiday are arranged, performed or provided with expertise and care. Our liability in all our bookings shall be limited to a maximum of twice the cost of your booking with Golf Holidays America.

English Law

Your booking with Golf Holidays America and all matters arising out of it are governed by English Law subject to the UK consumers approval.

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