What’s Included

What’s Included

All our packages are fully inclusive including all relevant taxes, car rental insurance, resort fees and golf cart fees. The only general exceptions are travel and golf insurance as we appreciate most people have their own cover and we do not sell flights.

Local extras

Occasionally there maybe extras to your holidays which have to be paid locally including parking charges, breakfast, daily resort fees or golf caddy gratuities, in which case we do our best to ensure you are fully aware of your obligations.

We work hard to make sure nothing is left to chance. From the selection of our golf and accommodation, through the choice of car rental, right down to our comprehensive travel tips and of course your pre-paid golf, accommodation and car rental vouchers.

Perhaps the most important ‘inclusion’ is the first hand knowledge that we bring to every package we put together. Spending over five months a year in the area ourselves we can provide a wealth of up to date information to help ensure the package you book meets your expectations.


The vouchers that we provide you are pre-paid so there should never be any need for you to pay for any of the main aspects of your trips but please be aware that bookings do not include any incidentals which you may incur during your stay such as phone calls, additional golf etc. so you will be responsible for these and the hotel will usually ask you for a credit card on check to cover this.

Meet & Greet

If you choose Myrtle Beach as your destination then you will also benefit from our free Meet and Greet service (Myrtle Beach Airport only). Our agent will provide you with area information and assist you in any way necessary. They offer a taxi service so if you need additional transport services during your stay they will be happy to provide it.  If you have opted for transfers instead of car rental they will allocate a driver, or drivers, for the duration of your stay to provide continuity and make getting around a little easier. Again, this applies only to our Myrtle Beach stays.


If you would like a quote or just want some additional information or advice please contact us.

We spend almost half our time in the US, a lot of the time travelling which is why we do not publish a phone number.  We therefore prefer that you contact us via email but if you wish to speak by phone then please give us a time and a number and we will call you.

For leisure holidays to the USA please visit our sister site, American Leisure Holidays
Tour Operators please visit our Low Country Holidays web site

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